Brace yourself. Part three is nearly here.

Yes, that’s part three of our Independence of the Seas Mediterranean Tour 2017 video diary.

It’s a bit of a ‘chimichanga’ of all of the clips which aren’t in the other two parts, and I’m hoping it gives a bit of a taste of life on board a cruise ship.  It’s fair to say it only scratches the surface – it is missing lots of deck and onboard activities, parties on the promenade, boozing in the bars, live music and a lot more.   That’s what happens when you go to bed at nine in the evening I suppose.  But then again it’s impossible to be everywhere at once.

Unfortunately I couldn’t persuade my partner in crime to join me on the video. Maybe next time.  Or maybe I will have to change the name of our blog!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it enough to click “like” !

Review: Germany tour 2017: Escape TO Colditz

DSC_0092Last year during a visit to my friend Joe Vodehnal in the Czech Republic we came up with the crazy idea of me coming over to Czech Republic again and the both of us driving to Germany to visit Colditz Castle.  I had memories of the castle from my childhood days, and Joe had passed the area many times but never stopped to visit.  We were both interested to see it and thus a plan was drawn up.  But rather than escaping, we would be ‘breaking in’! Continue reading “Review: Germany tour 2017: Escape TO Colditz”

Part 2 – The wait is (nearly!) over


Honestly!   This “vlogging” will be the death of me!

No matter how much I think I’m on top of it all, the job justs gets bigger and bigger as I become more picky and adventurous with my editing.   In fact, it’s a bit like my painting – if I wanted to I could tweak and fiddle with it forever, but I know that at some point I have to say “enough is enough” and declare the project finished. And if I don’t finish it soon, people will lose interest.

And after my third run through, that’s where I am at;  Part 2 of our epic journey around the Med is complete, and uploading as I can speak (which might take a while as it’s HUGE!) So apologies if you are as picky as me and spot something that really should have been fixed.

I’ve put a lot of hours in and I really hope it was worth it.   I’ve learned loads doing this first project – probably much too ambitious for a first attempt, but hey ho – I’ve never been one for taking the easy path.

I hope you enjoy it.  Any day now 🙂