Coming Up…

I mean, is it just me or is this year going INCREDIBLY quickly?   Due to changes in our holiday allocation at work, our holiday schedule has been slightly curtailed this year – and we have already completed the majority of our visits for this year.

But don’t panic, because we’ve still got a few surprises to come before its time to start planning next year.

We just arrived back from Mexico for the second time in two years so I’ve got to finish off our review and finishing compiling the video which will complement the blog post on our youtbue channel, which of course you are subscribing to – aren’t you???  If not, you can find it here.

Coming soon, our grandchildren take Sue for her first visit to Harry Potter World (Hmmm, I’m sure it should be the other way around).

And last but not least, we are off to visit the beautiful and hopefully warm island of Ibiza – it’s our first time here except for a day in Ibiza Old Town while on one of our many cruises.   As all of our impressions of Ibiza revolve around the much publicised bar scene, it will be interesting to see if there is a different side of the island suitable to those whose raving days are well behind them.

So, I hope you have enjoyed our updates so far, I hope you enjoying the gorgeous UK summer we have at the moment, and we both hope you’ll come back soon and keep visiting our blog and youtbe channel.   And don’t forget, you can find us on twitter and facebook too.

See you soon!


Are you missing out?

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I hope by now you’ve realised we have a youtube channel which we intend to fill with reviews and other information gathered as we travel around the world.

But have you subscribed yet?   Subscribing to our channel will ensure you don’t miss out again when we post new features. You can find it here.

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Brace yourself. Part three is nearly here.

Yes, that’s part three of our Independence of the Seas Mediterranean Tour 2017 video diary.

It’s a bit of a ‘chimichanga’ of all of the clips which aren’t in the other two parts, and I’m hoping it gives a bit of a taste of life on board a cruise ship.  It’s fair to say it only scratches the surface – it is missing lots of deck and onboard activities, parties on the promenade, boozing in the bars, live music and a lot more.   That’s what happens when you go to bed at nine in the evening I suppose.  But then again it’s impossible to be everywhere at once.

Unfortunately I couldn’t persuade my partner in crime to join me on the video. Maybe next time.  Or maybe I will have to change the name of our blog!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it enough to click “like” !