Technological black hole.

“Weeeeeeeee ooooh heeee ooooh heeee weeeeeee ooooh heeee ooooh heeee bong di bong shhhshhhhshhhhhh”.    What?

Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, iPhones, gigabytes, honestly  you really have never had it so good.
The Internet, and the technology to utilise it, has grown at an unbelieveable rate since I was first given a demo of Alta Vista, one of the first search engines available.  Do you speak Boolean? You needed to in order to create a meaningful search in those days.  But at least there were no Google ads to pester you.

And the gobbledygook at the top? Well those old enough to remember the first internet over telephone lines will recognise that unmistakeable sound of your 56k modem trying to connect to your ISP.   if not, listen here.  Nowadays it’s just a matter of waiting for the 3G or 4G to magically appear on your screen.  Yes, those days have well and truly gone.

Well except if you are out in the wilds of the U.K. Where fast internet is still a distant fantasy.  I can understand why many rural communities feel left behind in the IT revolution.   Victims of commerciality, mortally wounded through lack of cost effectiveness.

So, when you find yourself armed with a repaired laptop, a pile of stuff to share and create online, but with a nonexistent wifi service which half the time doesn’t have an Internet connection, then I can begin to sympathise.

Top and bottom of this post is, sorry, expect a further delay to those promised updates and videos.

Rob and Sue.

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