OMG! (Oh Mein Gott!)

When I was a lad I would never miss the Colditz series on TV, and for a long time I have been toying with the idea of visiting this historic place.

  A couple of years ago I mentioned this to my mate Joe who lives in the Czech Republic and he was up for it too.  I never thought it would happen after a few abortive attempts, but surprisingly we have finally managed to arrange a date when we are both free! Jet2 flying out, wooden glider on the way home!

Latest Holiday ‘snaps’. Online NOW!

No, you’re right – I don’t do snaps.   Nevertheless I have around 900 photos to sort and select the best, most informative and downright arty photos I can find to share with you on our Rob & Sue’s Worldtraveller Facebook page.

Two albums are already on the Facebook page and there’s more coming soon – so don’t forget to drop in to Facebook and let us whet your appetite!